RMFC Lotto

You can support Rosemount Mulvey Football Club by playing our weekly lotto. This plays a huge part in our fundraising efforts and your support is very much appreciated. We wish you good luck in future draws.

How to play

You can buy tickets online or in person. All you have to do then is chose three numbers on each ticket (or use the quick pick online).

Tickets cost:

  • €2 for one (if you buy your ticket in person)
  • €5 for three

The draw

The draw takes place on Sundays in Uncle Tom's Cabin. If anybody matches the three numbers drawn on the night they win the jackpot. The jackpot commences at €200 and is added to every week if it is not won.

The jackpot will be divided equally if there is more than one winner.

Each week if there is no jackpot winner, we hold a draw of all the tickets for prizes of €20 each. (Two from physical tickets and one from online entries.)

The results

Keep an eye on our social media platforms for results.

Buy online

Enter your lines of numbers for up to a year in one go, you need never miss a draw again!

  1. Choose if you want to buy for yourself or a friend.

  2. Select for how many draws you want your line to be entered in (discounts available if you enter your line for multiple draws).

  3. Enter your numbers by clicking on the numbers you want to select or simply type them in for the Line 1. To add lines for each draw you are entering click the ADD LINES button and select from the drop-down.

  4. Entering your card details. You can tick the auto-renew box to ensure your ticket and numbers are renewed after all draws on the current ticket have expired. This will avoid the need for you to have to purchase an online ticket again and will make certain you’ll never miss a draw! 

Buy in person

You can usually buy them from 'the tent' at our Academy on Saturdays.

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